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Learn more on how to get an Invite to participate on a 9U - 13U Stars and Stripes Gold Team!  Attend a tryout or schedule a personal workout with a Stars and Stripes HUB to receive a placement on the West, Central or East team.


Follow the 2014 11U Stars and Stripes Gold team as it paves the way for more teams to come in the Fall of 2014.  Taking registrations now for interested parties who want to become a part of something special!

Coming off a tournament win at the  Travelball Select Charlotte, NC Qualifier and  finishing second in Atlanta two weeks prior, the 11U Gold team finishes 4th out of 31 teams at the USSSA Double Super NIT!   Congratulations boys on your efforts!

11U Gold Team East Cobb GA, Travelball Select National Qualifier- Runner Up- Qualified for the Travelball National Championship! 3-9-14 Check out Televised Games lower down on this page!  Great showing on a National Stage!

A great effort from the group of boys showed the nation the Stars and Stripes Gold Formula works!

Meet the 11U East Gold Team - Special Group of Boys!

11U East Gold Team footage from 2-22-14

Schedule Player Tryout Here

Attention- Gold Team Prospect

If you are looking for a place to develop your talents and you are a committed player who is a "Team" player then we want to speak to you about joining the team..

Gold Team participants must receive and "Invite" in order to be accepted. Gold Team participants are must be ages 9U to 13U.  We are in the process of obtaining commitments for the 2014 Fall Season to begin August 1 and will end Dec 26th in Orlando, FL at the Stars and Stripes Winter World Championships.

Parent and player interviews are necessary to protect the formation of these teams.  Players must be self motivated and able to play at a high level with high expectations.  Players will be on a team with like minded committed players from a wide geographic area.  Teams are made up of 10 Players who must all pitch and who all contribute to the teams success!

Stars and Stripes Gold will have teams for the East Coast, Mid Atlantic and West Coast areas.  All states will fall in one of these three categories.

CONTACT #1:  Wes Potter , Assistant National Director will be in touch with you.  Feel free to reach out to  Wes at or call him at 803-608-2189 for more information.

CONTACT #2:  Kelly Ahrens, National Director.  Phone 803-260-5432.

11U East  Spring Schedule:

11U Game Results Here

February 22-23- USSSA- Warm Up Event- Columbia, SC ( Played in 12U tournament finished 2-2)

March 7-9 Travel Ball Select Qualifier- East Cobb, GA

(2-2-1 Runner Up Finish- Win Birth To National Championship)

March 28-30 Nations/Travel Ball Select – Charlotte, NC

(Champions! 3-0 Record)

April 11-13 USSSA Super NIT- Cary, NC (4-2 4th place finish out of 31 teams)

May 2-4 USSSA Super NIT- Kingsport, TN

May 30-June 1- Nations/Travel Ball Select Qualifier- Charlotte, NC

June 25-29- Travel Ball Select National Championship- East Cobb, GA

July 21-26 –TBD-Trying to Finalize tournament and details  

*August 2-10- USSSA Elite World Series- (We must win a birth)

View Championship Game between 11U Stars and Stripes Gold versus East Cobb Astros at Travelball Select National Qualifier.

View Nationally Televised Webcast for 11U Gold Versus RBI Nationals

Join The Team!

CLICK HERE to learn more on how to become a part of the Stars and Stripes Gold Team!

Click Here to view Stars and Stripes Academy HUBS to visit to attend workout or personal tryout.

National Director Kelly Ahrens looks to create opportunities that are unique and valuable to player's and families across the country. Stars and Stripes has had over 3,000 player's participate with the organization and has had hundreds of professional, collegiate and major league players and coaches as a part of this organization.

Thinking outside of the box has provided benefit to families who have high family values and want the best opportunities for their kids. Once a part of the family, resources and support are provided for the term of a player's career and also employment opportunities once their playing days are over. We develop players and coaches.

The involvement of families and their feedback drives this business and their voice is heard and action is taken. Good families represent the make up of this organization and motivates Stars and Stripes to continue to provide opportunities to families seeking these unique opportunities. The Gold Team model has been in development for over a year. We recently fielded a 11U Gold Team that acts as the model for others to follow. Your participation is of the most importance to Stars and Stripes and we welcome you to become a part of this family and join a team that stands for proper development of players.

Stars and Stripes appreciates the opportunity to be a part of your son and families development and provides a continual foundation in which you can draw from as situations and times dictate. We are establishing meaningful relationships that are providing great opportunity for Stars and Stripes and all who are associated!

CLICK HERE to learn more about the Stars and Stripes All American Team.  These teams are poised to compete in the Fall of 2014!

CLICK HERE to view 1-26-14 Parent/Player video conference.  Sign in as Guest to watch and learn more about the Stars and Stripes Gold.  We will be hosting another Gold Team Conference soon.

Stars and Stripes Regions:

West: WA, MT, OR, ID, WY, CA, NV, UT, CO, AZ, NM, AK

Central:  ND,MN, WI, MI, IN, IL, IA, MO, NE, KS, SD, TX, OK, AR, LA

East:  MS, AL, GA, FL, SC, NC, TN, KY, OH, WV, VA, MD, DE, NJ, PA, ME, CT, RI, MA, VT, NH, NY

Coaches Page Here

Coaches learn more about how to complete player evaluations and become a part of the Stars and Stripes Gold Program.

Stars and Stripes Region Map.jpg

Stars and Stripes Regional Divide

What area of the country do you live in?  Stars and Stripes will form teams based upon the Red, White and Blue Regions as stated on this map for the 2014 Fall Teams.

Stars and Stripes Gold Introduction- Listen and Learn more about how to Strike Gold!

Listen why Stars and Stripes Gold Teams are such a great development opportunity for your family.
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Facebook Input- Are you people CRAZY?

Proof of concept!

11U Stars and Stripes Gold wins Travel Ball Select National Championship Qualifier this past weekend in Charlotte, NC.

Due to rain this was a one day tournament.

Game 1 Stars and Stripes 20 South Charlotte Braves 1
Game 2 Stars and Stripes 10 Evoshield Canes 5
Game 3 Stars and Stripes 13 Union County vipers 5

Stars and Stripes will send 10 All American Teams ages 9U to 18U and around 6 to 8 Gold Teams ages 8U to 13U for competition in the Fall of this year. These teams will be made up with players from all over the country and games will be played all over the country.

If your son is a talented player who is willing to outwork his opponents and dedicate himself to a group of teammates who put the team first, please take time to learn more about Stars and Stripes Gold program.
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  • Scott Caloiaro Nice but show me how many kids make the big leagues from this team. Are the kids doing this or are their parents forcing this upon them? What about school, friends, family and extracurricular activities outside of baseball? Wake up people! Your children have more of a chance to be a doctor, lawyer, school teacher fireman and police officer than they do a major leaguer. Straight from the mouth of a major league coach!
  • My Son Plays Baseball Scott Caloiaro I am appreciative of your post. Dream killers exist in every world including the baseball world. Who said anything about playing in the Big Leagues? This post asks for people to learn more about the program so they can better manage responses like you from people who do not understand and who are deemed a "hater". Haters help educate everyone and often are good at gaining a better understanding of a situation. It is about develop. Simple develop of a player on and off the field. It is about goals, aspirations and hard work needed to make it to the top in whatever you do. It was great spending the weekend and filming for the upcoming Reality TV Show that will be on Fox Sports later this year. The beauty was to spend the day with Rob Bruno from Nor Cal baseball who has had 65 players come through his program who have played and or are playing in the major leagues. He has a great idea of what it takes to make it as a Big Leaguer and also as a person. It was great spending time with Mike Remlinger who shared many Tom Glavin, Greg Maddux and John Smoltz stories so we can all learn what it takes to be successful. The message is not anything but hard work and good work habits that will carry you for the rest of your life. I am thankful and humble to spend time with these kids and families who are willing to endure the pessimistic views that you represent. To think that I have a part in the development of a successful teacher, coach, doctor, lawyer or even baseball player is an awesome feeling.
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Stars and Stripes Gold Releases New Hat Style for 2014 Season- New Look Uniforms Coming Soon!

Stars and Stripes is partnered with  GameFace .  GameFace is a valuable partner who provides quality products such as all of our apparel, sunglasses and uniforms.  More than just a uniform partner, Company Owner, Brian Jordan is active in camps, coaching and development of Stars and Stripes teams.  He is generous with his time, knowledge and resources.

What we can do for you

  • Stars and Stripes has proven concept which provides a unique development opportunity.
  • Develop player confidence
  • Develop baseball skills
  • Develop proper mental approach
  • Prepare player and family for higher levels of play
  • A professional resource providing answers and support in all levels of the game

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